Why You’ll Regret Buying A Home In 2021

Benefits of Public Listing Every Private Company Should Know

One of the advantages of becoming a publicly listed company is that it gives business owners more opportunities to increase their sales profit. With an adequate amount of capital to be raised from potential investors, the company will have more capabilities in exploring other sources of revenue. Thru public listing, the company will have better options in strategizing and executing its marketing, operational and expansion plans. As a result, this will help every company executives in making their business profitable in the long run.

Learn Technical Analysis – 5 Reasons You Should Learn Technical Analysis

Did you ever say to yourself that maybe you should learn technical analysis? Some have decided to go on and try it. For many the thought just flutters through their mind and it’s forgotten. Many do not know where to start, so they abandon the idea. Others think it could be an excessive amount of work. Still others have problems with inertia and never get up enough energy to get off the couch and do something.

Derivatives Market

The emergence and growth of the market for derivatives instruments can be traced back to the willingness of risk adverse economic agents to guard themselves against uncertainties arising out of fluctuations in asset prices. Derivatives are meant to facilitate the hedging of price risks of inventory holdings or a financial/commercial transaction over a certain period.

What Is Investment for the Beginner?

Learn to invest and put your money to work for you. Choose the right investment vehicle for you and find how investing is different from gambling.

Why I Love It When My Stocks Tank!

A look at why lower stock prices can be good. The article also explains some strategies that can help override the brains normal response when your investments seem to fall apart.

Discover How Seeking Alpha Website Proves That “Joe The Plumber” Is Not Stupid

New research from top business schools shows that the emotional tone of comments to articles posted on the Seeking Alpha Website predict both stock returns and earnings surprises. This is good news for Main Street single stock investors.

Important New Value and Momentum Stock Investing Return Benchmarks for Serious Investors!

Have you ever asked yourself in frustration, “How Can I Beat The Stock Market?” The ways are few. But ways exist.

Trade Stocks Based on Sports Knowledge

Sports and Stocks, these are two of my favorite things. Every night when I get home I am drawn to two channels; CNBC and SportsCenter. So I decided to begin tracking how sports affect stocks and the correlation between the two. Let’s take a look at how your common or expert knowledge of sports can lead to making you some money without the risk of sports betting. Remember this is not going to make you rich, just a fun way to make trades and a little extra money.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Online Stock Brokers

The internet has changed how we do a lot of things. We order our groceries online, we buy products online and we can even trade online. The demand for good quality online stock brokers is constantly increasing as more people take their retirement into their own hands and make their money work for them to achieve a higher amount in their retirement fund in the long run.

Why Global Financial Markets Are Doomed

The role of the Federal Reserve and global central banks in managing the global economy and financial markets is changing. This article considers the consequences of various policies going forward.

How To Trade Stocks For Huge Gains And Big Risks

Everyone is told to diversify your trading portfolio. This isn’t how the big money is made in stocks. The bigger the risk the bigger the reward. Trade one stock at a time but be very selective.

Five Telltale Signs That You Are Entering a Bear Market

There are some major warning signs as bear markets approach. This article will look at some key indicators that tell you that a bear market is fast approaching.

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