Why I’m Selling My Stocks

Bonds and Inflation

Although I’m a huge supporter of investor’s thoroughly understanding the value of bonds, I’m also very skeptical of their investment value over the next 5 years (from August 2012). I have two primary reasons for my pessimistic outlook. Interest Rates: The most basic rule that any bond investor can understand is that the market value of a bond is inversely proportional to interest rates.

12 Simple Lessons to Learn From Warren Buffett

Here’s a list of priceless lessons that one can learn from Warren Buffett. Every investor in stocks would do well to understand them and apply them.

Investment Books – It Pays to Read

The best investing books offer high-quality advice on wealth creation related topics, which is quite wide-range and covers a varied selection of investment choices. The aim of these investment based books is to give the reading a much better comprehension of the risks involved and potential benefits from investing in such subjects as bonds, stocks, property, and currency. Over the years, some of the very best secrets and knowledge relating to investments has made its way on to the bookshelves.

What Factors Determine the Market Price of a Bond?

The market price of bond is simply the present value of all future cash inflows associated with the investment. The present value of future cash inflows is calculated through the redemption value of bond and interest payments spread over the period of time which are then multiplied by the discount factor that is essentially the market rate of interest. Therefore, the following factors determine the market price of bond…

Importance of the Stock Market

The stock market is of great importance to the entire economy of a particular country. It significantly affects the development and growth of virtually all the industries and business activities in a country. These industries and businesses affected by the stock market have the capacity to affect the economy of a country by a great deal. This makes it an important factor in a country that should be viewed critically and handled with utmost care lest a country suffers great financial losses. Precautions taken towards stock market should be done by the central bank of a country, existing industries and the government as well.

What Causes Fear and Greed in the Stock Market?

The entire stock market fluctuations can simply be summed up in two words: fear and greed. These two emotions are stated to be the driving forces behind the markets crashes and booms within the stock market. But what factors cause greed and fear in the stock market?

Why You Should Use Monthly Statistics When Investing

Many people have already heard about “Sell in May and go away” and “Santa Claus Rally”. Significantly less people have seen accurate statistics about these yet the following questions are abosutely just: Do these apply to my specific investment? Are they true for each sector from oil companies to software companies? Are they true from the US to Japan? Is there any other month for my specific investment that performs extremely well or badly? Or only May and December are the ones that are special?

Understanding the Basics of Penny Stocks

Penny stock have various definitions, but most common is, as its name indicate as well, they are low value stocks. According to Securities and Exchange Commission, these are the stocks that have value less than $5. Blue chips of today were once sold for pennies as well.

Dealing With The Emotions Of Stock Trading

To be successful in trading, a person has to embrace risk and understand it role in the process. There is a fine line between trading and gambling and controlling your emotions is the key.

Some Information About Financial Spread Trading

Financial spread trading is a tool used for permitting stock traders for gaining from the increase and decrease movement of the stocks on different global markets like currencies, bonds, shares, stock and commodities like energy, crude oil and gold. This method of trading is different from any other method since profits earned here are completely free from any form of tax. It is a highly flexible since different markets can be traded through a single account.

How To Buy and Hold The Right Stocks

Buy and hold investing is out of vogue currently, yet it remains an exceptional investment strategy when executed correctly. This article outlines a practical and rational approach to picking ‘buy and hold’ type of stocks.

What Are Interest Rates and Why Are They Always Changing?

Although a lot of people are familiar with interest rates, few actually understand how and why they change. Understanding when the rates change can be one of the most conducive ways to properly invest in equities and fixed income securities. Reading this article will equip readers with an approach to determining changing rates and increased returns.

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