Why I Sold My Stocks

Building a TSP Account Safely for Profitable Investing

The US governments Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a unique retirement plan and a major benefit to those who enroll and use it wisely to manage the retirement account and secure their future. Putting your retirement account to work for you will results in providing a sizable retirement account and less personal financial stress. This should only take 20 -30 minutes every few weeks once you have your TSP strategies setup.

Is This The Calm Before The Calm?

Five years after the financial crisis, markets are serenely surging ahead. Should we worry?

A Diversified Investment Portfolio Might Include Raw Land

In a world of complicated and often obfuscated investments, raw land is relatively simple and answers a strong market need. we need more houses in the UK.

When Buildings Are Better Than Open Land

Britain’s natural beauty is indeed one of its greatest assets. But a critical need for housing is forcing a discussion on the sacrosanct nature of open lands.

What Is the UK Community Infrastructure Levy?

The increased burden on infrastructure from new developments is real and should be built into development costs. But is the CIL the way to do it?

What Can Be Learned From 40 Years of Housing Volatility in the UK?

There are many fingers pointed in as many directions as to why there is a housing shortage today in the UK. A look at history helps identify causes and solutions.

The Purpose of the London Development Panel

Land investors and homebuilders are robust participants in urban development. The LDP helps them to revitalise neighbourhoods more quickly.

The Implications of Institutional Investors in Rented UK Housing

Investors such as Prudential are now buying to-let residential housing in England. After decades of absence, the housing crisis seems to be the driver.

The Battle Over Land Planning Reform in the UK

Clearly, greenbelt and other open lands in England are among its greatest assets. But raw land development might be a smart answer to the housing crisis.

How To Rate A Sports Handicapping Service

How do you rate a handicapper? The fact is most handicappers will send out updates only when they have a great run going. So how do you rank a handicapper over the long run? This article provides a statistical explanation of how to rank a sports handicapper.

Should You Buy a Designer Bag As an Investment?

Did you ever think of buying a designer bag as an investment? Well, here is why you should consider it.

Site Development No Longer the Job of UK Homebuilders

Homebuilders used to do all the work: Buy land, achieve a use change and build roads, then build and sell the homes. But now land investors do that — here’s why.

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