WARNING: The Great Reset Of 2021 Explained

How Can I Invest in Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are stocks that have low value i.e. less than $5. Investment in penny stocks in considered to be very risky but it’s not an impossible errand. A spontaneous decision can make the art of investment easy.

What Do You Need to Know to Start Trading Financial Markets?

If you to trade financial markets for profit then there are few things you will need to know to get started. Here we look at how to gain the skills to commence your trading career.

Does Technical Analysis Work And If So Why?

The fundamentals of financial markets such as equity markets change slowly and become detached, for periods, from the market price of the asset. Technical analysis allows traders to trade the actual price movements of a market rather than trade the fundamentals. In this article we look at why technical analysis works when it has not fundamental basis.

Ever Thought of Being a Trader?

Making money from financial markets is within easy reach for the disciplined. In this article a professional trader talks about trading and the personality traits that both help or hinder new traders.

Market Group Think

Grouping thinking and actions are the primary fuel that moves financial markets up or down. Understanding how the mechanics of the markets work can give traders an advantage over the crowd, leading to more profit per trade.

Taking a Shorter Term View of Investing

Investment professionals often recommend long term asset holding strategies – holding on even through major market reversals. In recent years it has become evident that these strategies are not working. Here we look at an alternative approach to investing by using shorter term trading techniques. Trading in and out of the market profiting from short to medium term market moves.

Looking for Technical Trades

Knowing what to look for is only part of the problem. There are literally thousands of tradable financial markets, looking for trades, without some help, can be difficult and time consuming to say the least. Life can be made easier.

A Primer on Stock Investing (Part 1)

The objective of this article is to summarize some key metrics of stock investments and valuation; and help investors make informed decisions using a relatively simple framework. There has been a plethora of information on stock investing, regularly bombarded on investors by financial media. This flood of information is disseminated by multiple media channels. Some of these industry resources provide valuable information, yet these reports may not help in making informed decisions.

Technical Trading Basics

If you are considering technical trading then there are few things you will need to know to get started. Here we look at the basics of technical trading to help new traders.

What A Stock Market Course Should Contain

In the beginning most traders trade the market using a gut feeling. The appeal of making lots of money from the stock market is what attracts these new traders, but it’s never as simple as that! What they fail to realize is that they can lose a substantial amount of money on the market and that they should go through a proper stock market course so they at least know the basics before even considering putting real money to work.

A Warren Buffett Stock Tip

Warren Buffet’s advice in relation to investing in stocks is considered to be highly valuable as the principle on which his investment is based has always resulted in beneficial results. Warren Buffet states that an investor must invest in stocks of a company that has relatively straight forward products and services. It is highly essential that an investor must understand the business that the company is dealing with so that s/he is easily able to follow the financial and non-financial position of the company.

Which Type Of Stock Quotes Are Best?

When you hear a stock quote on the news, or you look it up online after work you are typically getting the closing price of that stock for that day. While this information is useful when you are investing in this market, it doesn’t tell the whole picture. If you are an investor who buys stock and holds onto it for the long term this type of quote is probably fine, but if you want to trade stocks this type of quote won’t be nearly enough for you to be successful.

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