The Stock Market Just Peaked

Introduction of Fibonacci Analysis in Stock Market

Leonardo Pisano (famously known as Fibonacci), an Italian mathematician was the only man behind this interesting subject. He was the first to write about the Fibonacci number sequence and its unique properties When the financial market evolved, traders started to implement the Fibonacci methodology in their trading strategy and realized that Fibonacci worked in all the markets, individual stocks, future contracts, commodity and currency trading in any time frame. What is Fibonacci number series and Golden Ratio?

How to Trade in the Hong Kong Stock Market Using the HKSE Stock Screener

Find out all the details that you never knew about the Hong Kong stock market. Learn how using the right tools can help make your trading easier and better.

Stock Market Rally May Be a Sign of Irrational Exuberance

It is ironic that measures taken by the Fed to prevent a stock market collapse is propelling the market to new highs. At current lofty levels, the market seems ripe for a meaningful correction.

Why Fast Food Dining Will Soar in Latin America

Explosive growth lies ahead for the fast food industry in Latin America. Rising spendable income is paving the way for success. Take a look at the reasons why many are buying into this opportunity.

How to Make Profits From Stocks

While gain is always at the forefront of any investment decision, it is never an overnight route to success. It takes long term investments, persistence and planning to ensure you secure a pleasing result. To prepare yourself though for those fail-safe profits, there are two main questions you need to broach. Are you investing within your safety zone limits? And more importantly, does the company you’ve favored promise to grow?

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Traders Become Investors

As everybody knows, Investing is different from Trading and care should be taken when it comes to Investing because traders usually diversify their stocks and put small amount of money into each of their stocks in trading but in Investment, Investors would always put a lump-sum amount of money expecting a huge profit in return (nothing wrong in it). Trading can be done with Technical analysis and without Fundamental analysis. But reading fundamentals is a highly required skill to become an investor.

How to Overcome Emotions in Selling Stocks?

Do you know why pro traders keep on maintaining their portfolio with a maximum no. of winning trades and amateur traders struggle to maintain the consistency in winning trades? Pro traders know when to exit from a stock even if it’s in a losing position.

Warren Buffet’s Public Secret

In his preface to the book “The Intelligent Investor”, Warren Buffet says; “If you follow the behavioural and business principles that Graham advocates – and if you pay special attention to the invaluable advice in Chapter 8 and 20 – you will not get a poor result from your investments”. Chapter 8 is entitled: The investor and market fluctuations and chapter 20 is entitled: “Margin of safety” as the central concept of investment. Chapter 8 warns of the pitfalls of following the herd and Chapter 20 emphasizes the protection against loss or discomfiture.

Asset Allocation Based On Beta and Alpha Drivers

Asset allocation has become very important in the diversification of a portfolio. This article distinguishes between beta and alpha drivers and what instrument goes into each class. Portfolios have been allocated following the more traditional way but more and more institutions have began using alternative beta and alpha drivers to generate extra return. However it must be noted that alpha can be positive or negative and thus institutions must be cautious to stay within their acceptable risk benchmarks.

Is Investing In Stocks Or Real Estate A Bigger Gamble For Your Future?

In today’s economy there’s a hefty debate between investors, the battle is between stock and real estate. Although traditionally through the companies they work for Americans are typically forced, if not penalized if they do not invest in stocks. Let’s take a look at the alternative, real estate, and maybe why it may be the smarter bet of the two

Turn $500 Into $5000 With Penny Stocks

Ever wanted to make some extra money quickly but wasn’t sure how? With penny stocks you can turn $500 into $5000 within days of investing in a company. Perfect for the college student or teen who is strapped for cash and doesn’t have a lot of time to work. In this article I will explain to you what exactly penny stocks are and how to succeed with them.

Why Fertilizer Provides The Best Exposure To The Agriculture Sector

The highest profits in the Agriculture Sector are being made by the companies who supply farmers with what they need to grow healthy crops. Few, if any, farmers are being productive without fertilizers. This article exposes why you should look a little closer at investing in the fertilizer industry.

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