The Stock Market Just Flipped

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

I recently had dinner with a friend who abruptly asked “is the stock market rigged?” As I attempted to fully understand his question and address his concern, he ultimately said “if someone makes money by conducting a trade he wins, and if someone wins, doesn’t someone have to lose?” While I can see the logic in my friend’s viewpoint, it isn’t accurate.

Who Knows What the Stock Market Is Doing?

Would you say you have thought about your investment portfolio more, less, or the same amount as usual during the last five months? Do you know how much the stock market has either increased or decreased in value over that period? Although the S&P 500 just experienced something extremely rare, you’re not alone if you’re not up-to-date on what the market has done recently. Learn why that is and the useful lesson you can take from the past five months.

The Best Stock Investments for 2015 and Beyond

Here’s an eye opener if you’re interested in finding the best stock investments for 2015 and beyond. There could be more opportunities at your finger tips than you think.

Oil and Gas Assets May Be In Trouble

Trends are emerging which could cause oil and gas assets to become “stranded”. In fact, it may already be happening.

How to Avoid Bad Binary Option Brokers

Binary option trading is a risky business, not only because you are trading real money, but because all brokers are not fair players. This guide will help you find out how to avoid bad binary option brokers and avoid getting scammed.

The Three Keys to Trading Success: Attitude, Perspective and Information

There are three basic components you must consider to be successful. Each has little to do with your bank account and much more to do with your knowledge, attitude and motivation. Give yourself the best chance to succeed by considering these three factors and finding ways to improve.

Shale Revolution Did Not Pay Investors Well

The shale revolution may have produced a lot of oil and gas but it has not rewarded investors. Shareholder returns have been very poor over the past five years.

Take Control of Fear and Trade With Confidence Through Risk Management

Every trader must learn how to manage risk. This is the best way to control fear and prevent a significant loss. When you work with an amount of risk you can handle, you will be better able to recover should your stocks go down.

NASDAQ’s Long Comeback

We are on the cusp of putting the tech bubble behind us. Do investors remember its lessons?

5 Top Reasons To Invest In The Stock Market

Not sure if the stock market is for you? These top reasons can help you decide. Read on and find out how stock market investment can change and improve your financial status.

Learning to Trade for Long Term Success

Any seasoned trader will tell you that you must be able to bend if you want to succeed. A rigid, inflexible approach will only wind up breaking you. Learn how to become more limber and you can develop a plan to master the stock market.

Binary Option – Trading Basics and Tips

Learning how to trade binary options can be as simple as finding a brokerage platform and opening an account. Before you do so, however, it is crucial to learn the basics. Read on to learn how you can maximize your profits with binary option trading.

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