The Stock Market JUST Flipped

Why Most People Fail in Options Trading

Option trading attracts a lot of novice traders because of their above average profit gains. The sad truth however is that most novice option traders lose money with options. This has several reasons but here I want to show just two of the most important ones.

Rare Earth Metals Investment

Many of the high-tech devices we use to make our life so much quicker, easier, and convenient need rare earth metals to operate them. While the market for laptops, cell phones, tablets, televisions, electric cars, and wind turbines continues its meteoric rise, manufacturers are upset and questioning the ability of suppliers, especially China-the largest supplier, to keep up with the rising demand for more rare earth metals. Rare earth metals investment would be a major plus for any investment portfolio, if one can find the right company to invest in.

Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts – High Yield – High Risk – You Decide!

Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts… What are they and why do they generate such high yields? What are the risks? Are they right for you?

Top Tips for Successful Online Stock Trading

Stock market trading can be a minefield. It is a competitive and highly demanding practice, depending on your trade style. Here are a few top tips to help you make a success of online stock trading.

Understanding Stock Exchanges

This article will cover a few of the major, and more well known, stock exchanges. After reading this article you will be able to accurately identify and differentiate between the major exchanges.

Making Money Via Capital Market Services

Everybody wants to make more money, right. The problem is, jobs are hard to come by and wages are stagnant. Even owners of small businesses are struggling to turn a decent profit.

Dalal Street: India’s Answer to Wall Street

On a good day at work, this place is buzzing with activity. Shouts of simultaneous joy and anguish by people on the street looking at a large screen precariously and smartly placed by a prominent finance media channel on this building.

Barking Up the Right (Investment) Tree – The Dogs of the Dow Theory

Dividends are a hidden treasure of the investment arena. The reinvestment of returns generated by dividends can actually generate huge compounded values for investors. The Dogs of the Dow investment theory is based on the similar principle of tapping stocks with high dividend yields.

Four Ways to Build Your Own All-American Stock Portfolio

If you want an all-American stock portfolio that is reasonably diversified across industries and represents high-quality stocks, look no further than the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. If you don’t have enough money to buy a position in all 30 stocks, consider only buying the Dogs of the Dow, the Flying Five, or buy an index exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Treasury Bonds Have Fallen Making It Extremely Difficult Times For Investors!

The last few months have been extremely difficult for investors, and certainly some of the toughest I’ve seen in my 28 years in this business. Since Ben Bernanke’s now famous speech where he first uttered the dangerous words of tapering the stimulus, we have experienced one of the strongest and most volatile periods since the “Great Recession” officially ended in July 2009.

Bonds Punch The Stocks Also Take It On The Chin

When Ben Bernanke mentioned that the Fed was just starting to think about possibly ending the bond buying purchases, otherwise known as Quantitative Easing, the bond market panicked, dropping over 15%. This was the worst drop in bonds since 1976, more than 37 years ago.

A Beginner’s Guide to Behavioural Investing

Our mind is an incredibly complex machine capable of processing volumes of visual and audio information in seconds. It is this ability which allowed our ancestors to evade potential life threatening situations while on hunting expeditions. However, evolution has not only enabled us to make quick judgements and determine risks in rapid time but also, calculate, speculate and think critically.

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