The Stock Market Is Out Of Control

How To Profit From Options

Learn how to profit from options by developing an options trading system that works. This will allow you to profit from options no matter what the market conditions are.

How To Take Profits From Suddenly Rising Stock Prices

When we buy stocks, we often imagine them “taking off like a rocket.” It can happen! When it does, here’s how to maximize your profits AND maintain half your position in case it keeps going higher.

Selling Strategies and Stop Losses

There are some simple approaches to incorporating a sell or stop loss discipline in your investment strategy. Selling a stock that has dropped below a certain strength ranking, selling on the crossover of a moving average, and selling based on volatility measurements are among some of the most effective approaches.

Are We In A Bull or Bear Market?

We like to share our ideas about the market. However it is a mistake for the serious trader to do so. Being asked to predict the course of a stock or the market is a temptation to form a bias. Traders cannot afford to have biases because they interfere with clear thinking when it is time to make a buy or sell decision.

Start Stock Trading Slowly With An Online Brokerage Account

Too often, people rush into stock trading without doing their homework. It is easy to overlook important details. It is easy to lose money when you are learning the basics. There are justifiable reasons to start slowly with a small initial deposit in your new stock trading account.

All The Right Moves – Tips On Portfolio Management

When you hear the terms money investment, the first thing that comes to mind is a young man in a fancy business suit. The world of movies and television has left the distinct impression that the world of money is only something that young people do because they love the thrill and excitement of playing the stock market.

Some Insightful Information On OTC Stocks

There are different types of stocks, which you can choose from and invest your money in. OTC stocks also feature among these stocks.

Investing In The Stock Market, No Finance Degree Needed

Investments to reach any financial goal that you may have is not rocket science. Follow these few simple steps and your investment management skills will rival any wall street analyst, well almost.

Business Profile: Lululemon Athletica (LULU)

A brief history on the rapid rise of Lululemon Athletica, and the forces that threaten its position in the market. How did it grow so fast? Will its growth continue? Should you buy, or sell?

Stock Market For Beginners – Don’t Get in Over Your Head

Buying stocks and shares on a whim, without education or training can be somewhat detrimental to your portfolio… learning to trade is easy and there are plenty of people willing to help you along the way. Take the time to get your ducks in a row prior to throwing your hard earned money at the market.

Three Steps To Properly Time Your Stock Trades

It is easy to jump on the proverbial bandwagon and pay too much for a stock that is making the news. To guard against emotional buying decisions, smart stock traders establish a consistent buying strategy. This will not make you bulletproof, but it can help you by your stocks when they pull back instead of when they are spiking higher.

Greece, Cultural History and the Financial System

Historical Background Greece has always had a thriving underground economy. The long history of human civilization there and even the geography of the island nation has created long-standing traditions and deep kin relationships that bypass official governmental channels, which leads to a significant percentage of the economic activity happening outside of the purview of the political powers.

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