The Stock Market Is About To Snap

Best Stock Investment Strategy for 2014

In putting together the best stock investment strategy for 2014 you can concentrate on finding the best stock investment or you can try to come up with the best strategy to deal with a market hitting all-time highs. Unless you have a real flare for stock picking, I suggest you focus on investment strategy. There are two traditional ways to view the stock market: the fundamental approach and the technical school.

How Penny Stocks Work

It is often touted that penny stocks are one of the quickest ways to make a fortune rather quickly. While it is true that these stocks, or micro cap equities as they are sometimes referred to, can make a few people rather wealthy, the sad truth is most people lose money. Let’s explore together how to trade penny stocks successfully.

Investing 101: How to Make Money Investing in Stocks

New investor: there are 3 ways to make money investing in stocks (also called equities) and the third way is not normally considered to be within the realm of stock investing for beginners. But you should know about it – just in case you arrive at the stock party late..

Market Trades on Share Market Live

Are you interested in the market, trading, find yourself pouring over newspapers offering data regarding the market conditions? Are you looking to get an income from shares, expecting a good return on your investment?

Volatility In The Stock Market and Using Leveraging In Forex Trading

The stock is said to be volatile if there’s a huge drop or rise in the price of a particular stock in a time period. I am personally attracted to forex stock trading because I can have higher leverage.

Penny Stocks And The One-Trade-A-Week-Club

Nathan Gold, a mathematics whiz kid and an investment expert says: “It’s true – penny stocks can deliver you 1,150% gains on your money. Even if you have never traded a stock in your entire life, you can learn that you are just one trade a week away from a life-changing wealth. You can turn a modest $1000 into a massive $5.7 million cash avalanche”.

2014 Investment in Pennies

There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you in 2014 and of them, penny stocks investment looks to be the most lucrative. You can really turn your fortunes by investing smartly in a good start up penny stock company. As the company will grow, so will you!

Make Your Own Investment Decisions

For some reason, many investors find it hard to think for themselves and would rather align with group thinking. People are controlled by this desire to follow the crowd and be in agreement with others. Deviating from popular belief makes them feel as if their opinions are less valid.

How to Know When You Should Sell Stock

Tips on what to look for when trading in your stocks. Three reasons when you should sell your stocks.

Copy Trading – The First Step

Copy Trading Basics. Get a handle on the basics of Copy Trading Forex and avoid some of the pitfalls to save loosing your capital.

What Are Binary Options?

Binary Options are quickly becoming a favourite for traders as both a hedging and speculation tool. While they seem relatively new, binary options have been traded for well over a decade, though they were originally traded over the counter usually between two institutional investors, mostly hedge funds and investment banking prop desks.

Best Stock Funds to Make Money Investing in a Bad Stock Market

Anyone can make money investing in stocks or stock (equity) funds in a good stock market – but few make money investing in a bad market. If 2014 and/or 2015 turn ugly, there’s a little “secret” about the best stock funds you should know if you are into stock investing. I competed in the last CNBC international stock investing contest and beat 99.

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