The Mother Of All Bubbles Is Coming

Would Alternative Investments Be a Good Long-Term (10+ Years) Strategy?

Alternative investments that might include art, classic cars, rare diamonds or raw land have performed well in the past decade. Can the asset growth continue?

What Incentives Do UK Housing Investors Get From the Government?

Lending schemes from the government might be helping buyers, but the real way to increase housing stock might lie in programmes that grow rental inventory. The Guardian columnist Matt Cavanagh wrote an article in 2012 criticising the Chicken Littles of Britain who worry population growth is out of control and leading the country to ruin. “Should we see a rise in our population as a problem, or an opportunity?

Land-To-Housing in the UK Engineered in Key Steps

Buying land, building then selling houses might seem like a simple idea, given the UK housing shortage. But even with cash, you are advised to work with professionals.

What If No More Homes Were Built in the UK?

Home building is finally picking up after years of recession. A lack of adequate housing can otherwise have far-reaching effects.

Land Value Appreciation Versus REIT Income

All real estate in the UK is poised for value growth, given demographic trends for the next two decades at least. But how to invest requires careful examination.

What in the UK Economy Attracts Foreign Investors?

Financial instability in the Eurozone has driven an influx of European and other foreign investors to the UK. Buying a second home in London is a common tactic.

What Requirements Does the Code for Sustainable Homes Place on Green Buildings?

Developers are taking on larger costs in order to build green. Fortunately, there is a market for residential property that has a lesser impact on the environment.

How Undeveloped Land Is a Better Investment Diversification Strategy

Don’t trust the national numbers on housing values as the final word on all real estate investment. Regional differences are significant and opportunities abound.

Has the Opportunity to Buy Raw UK Land for Development Passed?

There is unquestionably a recovery in residential and real estate values in England. But that doesn’t mean that opportunities for investors have passed.

Land and Inheritance Taxes – The Investor Opportunity

Most UK investors in land and other assets wish to minimise the tax burden to their heirs. There are means to accomplish this — and to realise tax deductions.

Fixed Versus Variable Loans – The Low Down

Today, in Australia, 90% of the mortgage market is on variable and my advice would be to follow this high percentage and stay variable. Lending institutions today benchmark all loans at an interest rate of 8%. Give yourself the 8% test. Does the investment still stack up for you? Can you still afford the repayments? Eight percent has been the average interest rate here in Australia since 1920. For this reason, I encourage you to do the 8% test on all your investments moving forward.

Safe Investing Isn’t Scary – It Only Takes Little Time

Is safe investing scary? Or is it simply that we are afraid to change? There are a zillion philosophies and proponents of investing and investing techniques. If you want to improve your financial health along with your physical well-being, try and investment software program that offers or focuses on relative strength investing.

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