The Market Is About To Go INSANE

New UK Housing Sector Investor Advice

As institutional investors venture into the rental market after a half-decade’s absence, private investors are considering how to-let housing might work for them, too. The news in March 2013 that Prudential Property Investment Management Division UK was growing an investment residential property portfolio signalled an important and interesting shift in both the housing and investment sectors.

Land Planning Tied to Multiple Local Economic Factors

Local planning authorities (LPAs) deal with more than just housing zone changes. New homes are one component of environmental, economic and life-quality considerations.

Is New Housing Construction Encouraged in the National Planning Policy Framework?

It’s a myth that sustainability goals of the NPPF will get in the way of development. Quite the contrary – newer housing and development only needs to be smarter.

How Do Housing and Infrastructure Development Compare to Population Growth in the UK?

With the population of the UK expected to hit 66.8 million by 2030, there are many ideas on how that should be managed. The good news is solutions are being discussed.

Cash Vs. Debt Financing: Which Has the Upper Hand in Buying Raw Land?

Land investors are flocking to the UK because of high demand for housing. But investors with cash have significant advantages over those who work with debt financing.

Are Housing Prices Inflated by “Middle Men” Land Investors?

Residential developers formerly bought land, built homes and then sold them. But now many hand only zoning and infrastructure, handing off building to builders.

Why Full-Scale Land Development Is Not Solely Done by Homebuilders

The full range of developing raw land into residential construction is becoming too much a risk for companies that build homes. The task is now split, with good results.

What Is the Root of Home Shortages in the UK?

Speaking of ‘the UK housing shortage’ misses the point. Cities Outlook 2013 says that localizing the problem might be the national solution.

Safe Investing and Scenic Wonders

A few weeks ago we went for a drive into Glacier National Park. What has this to do with safe investing you ask? More than you may realize or in the case of our visit to Glacier, more than we could see. When I look at the overall long term results from my back tested investment software strategies I know than if I don’t follow them I will mess up and be more sad faced then if I stick with my plan for safe investing, for profitable investing.

What Are the Risks of Real Assets As an Investment?

All investments, including property funds and other real assets, carry risk. Following years of poor performance by market-traded securities, investors are choosing real assets as an alternative. But all investments are subject to risk.

Alternative Investments: Minimising Risk in Unknowns

The nature of alternative investments such as land makes it difficult to quantify risk. You can overcome the unknowns by understanding the investment opportunity.

Strategic Land Investment Versus Stock and Bond Markets – A Comparison

Investors are looking outside of stocks, bonds and REITs for better returns. But the alternatives, real assets such as strategic land, defy apples-to-apples comparisons.

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