The Housing Nightmare – My Response To TheStradman

Do EcoVillages and Other Sustainable Developments Inform UK Housing Concepts?

Green developments are perceived as a means to circumvent local planning processes. Private investments in earth-friendly, resilient development can still work.

Beyond Just Housing, the UK Needs to Develop Holistic and Sustainable Communities

Fast building, as is needed in England, can often lead to poor quality structures. But with new and better, sustainable homes, smart houses are possible and affordable.

What Are The Short And Long Term Risks Of Investing In Land As A Real Asset Investment?

Land assets are quite capable of yielding strong investment returns. But risks are everywhere – know what they are, and work with professionals if you can.

The Best Investment for 2015

Sometimes the best investment is safe investments and 2015 might be one of those times. First, let’s look at your investment options. Then, we’ll focus on finding the best safe investments for 2015 and beyond.

The Green Land Investor: How to Invest in Sustainable Land

To be a “responsible property investor” means building green. Smart capital growth land investors consider short-, medium- and long-term values of eco-development.

The Differences Between Institutional and Non-Institutional Land Investors

The nature of investing in land differs between individuals and institutions. But the reasons that real estate development is attractive to both are quite similar. The Financial Times reported in the second quarter of 2014 that banks continue to limit their lending to property companies even now, several years out from the financial crisis of 2008.

Is It Wise for Real Asset Fund Managers to Invest in Strategic Land Companies?

Fund managers are like individual investors: Each seeks a maximum return on their investments. The performance of the sector should drive their participation. After the financial meltdown of 2008, investors across the globe reduced the proportion of assets held in market-traded stocks and bonds.

How to Invest Money Vs Where to Invest for 2015 and Beyond

It is one thing to have a handle on where to invest; but quite another to have confidence in how to invest money for 2015 and beyond. The big difference lies in asset allocation, or how to invest money across the asset classes. The “how to” will depend on your financial objectives, comfort level and the markets in 2015 and beyond.

Strategic Land: How the ROI Differs From Other Real Estate Investments

There are many ways to invest in UK property. As house building accelerates to meet demand, it helps to study the characteristics of various investment types.

How Much Reporting Transparency Should Investors Expect From Property Fund Managers?

Disclosure and transparency are on the rise in commercial real estate investment. But the same factors also drive confidence in residential development.

Does a Land Investor Working With a Property Fund Manager Require an IFA?

Regardless of the type of investment you consider, your relative wealth or your age, it quite likely makes sense to get the objective advice of an IFA. Decisions on investing are among some of the most important and stressful processes a person can undertake. This is why most people are advised to enlist an independent financial advisor (IFA) to provide objective, third-party advice on how to manage a wealth-building plan.

What Are the Opportunities for Investors in UK Rental Housing?

For a variety of reasons more people rent their homes than 10 years ago in the UK. Developers and homebuilders are developing properties accordingly. When Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced in June 2014 that the Government was designating 49 million pounds to support rental home construction…

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