THE FED JUST FAILED | Why The Market Is Falling

Bear Put Spread: The Mirror Opposite of the Bull Call Spread

A bear put spread is the mirror opposite of the bull call spread. In the bear put spread a put option is purchased at-the-money and an out-of-the-money put option is sold. The premium collected offsets the costs of the bought put, and the difference between the two strike prices is your profit.

Essential Trading Concepts

There are very a few pieces of vital information necessary to effectively use the strategies given here. No matter what trading system or time frame you operate in, you must be able to determine five things at any given time: entry price, loss price, profit price, trend, and counter-trend. If you are lacking anyone of these of bits of information you are better off sitting on the sidelines.

Spread Trading: One of the Most Flexible Tactics of the Risk Management

Spread trading has long been the domain of seasonal commodity traders, whether it was to take advantage of old crop-new crop opportunities in agricultural commodities or to take advantage of interest rate discrepancies. Spread trading is simply the buying and selling of the same futures contract but in different months.

What You Should Believe in Trading

Belief 1: Being Both Long and Short the Market Is Not the Same as Being Neutral the Trade – In a seminar I conducted in San Diego regarding a few of the concepts laid out in this article, a man raised his hand and asked me, “If I am long a contract and short the same contract, aren’t the trades canceling out each other?” The answer is a resounding “no!” When we use risk management strategies, one side is the insurance, and the other side is the trade.

Mastering Fundamental Reports

There is a constant ongoing debate on which type of trading is better, technical analysis or fundamental analysis. When it comes to trading commodities and forex, if you don’t stay on top of fundamental reports, you are bound to be blindsided in your trading.

Developing Tactics for Entering and Exiting the Market

“Macro technical analysis”; it gives you the big-picture base for your trading. No matter what type of trader you are, day, position, or swing, it is essential that you can look at the market and within a few minutes be able to understand what is going on. The macro technical analysis tools do that for you. These tools are not designed to get you in the market; they simply give you the road map just in case you decide to get on the road.

Ride the Waves of Profit

Without a doubt I have learned some valuable lessons. Some of these were learned from successes, and quite a few were learned from mistakes. In fact, some of those mistakes were really bad. So when I make suggestions about trading, I can only hope that you will weigh my many years of experience as motivation.

4 Keys for Building Wealth

Do you spend too much time investing and not enough time saving? A strategic saver builds more wealth.

Valuation and Appraisal – Key Words and Concepts Explained

Understanding Key Words and Concepts Protects Your Investments. What Determines Investment Value? Yields. Valuation Ratio. Examples of key words and concepts are. Additional Factors Affecting Value.

Where to Invest and How to Invest Your Money Now for 2013-2014

Knowing where to invest and how to invest money has never been more difficult then it COULD be as 2013 and 2014 unfold. Making money as an investor is tough when times change, so let’s take a look at how to and where to invest money..

What Kinds of Investment Options Available in India

The concept of investing has come a long way in the modern era. People always believed in saving and they generally did it by investing in gold, property or some other certificates and bonds.

Currency Trading Tips – The Risks of Trading Currency

If you want to begin a career as a currency trader in Forex, you should start by finding out the truth about how that business works and what kind of knowledge you need to obtain in order to be a successful trader. There are hundreds of training systems and courses that are nothing but copy paste strategies that are known for being a complete waste of time, but these people are marketing the idea of a get rich quick lifestyle that is very attractive to people who might be desperate for money.

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