THE END OF CREDIT SCORES | Major Changes Explained

Tracking a Stock Market Turning Point

Trying to perfectly time a stock market turning point isn’t easy, not for those who practice technical trading, those who specialize in the fundamentals or those who consider both. I am of the latter of those three. Do you remember back on the first day of Hurricane Season in 2013, the stock market was at an all-time-high even after pulling back some 200 points in one? I can recall some of my nervous investing friends during that time. One of them asked me what I thought, I still remember what I told him;

Stock Market Investing Basics

As I review the information that is available online about learning how to invest, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information available that focuses on investing strategies. This is what most Americans need to understand better and know more about to prepare for retirement.

Some Essentials of Trading

The secret to trading is often thought to be more a function of time frame than a function of skill. In much the same way that university students and alumni promote and defend their alma mater, come hell or high water, so do proponents of the different schools of trading. With almost fanatical zeal, traders will tout the benefits of being a day, position, or swing trader.

Global Markets: Which One to Choose?

There are so many markets, exchanges, and contracts that you can trade. It becomes an overwhelming task to pick and choose just the right markets and just the right exchanges to interact with.

Credit (Margin) – Stock Market

What makes this entire system of cash-OTC-futures-options work is the ever-increasing amount of credit that you receive as you work your way through the chain. Let’s look at the stock market as a prime example: $100 in shares (cash) is the same as $30 in CFDs (OTC) or $20 in SSFs (futures) or $5 in calls (options) or $5 in puts (options).

Dividend Stocks Protect You From Bad Management Decisions

There are many advantages to investing in dividend paying stocks. Here’s one you may not have thought of — that they can help protect you from bad company management decisions.

Does Back Testing A Trading Strategy Work?

For those of us who dabble/trade the market/invest it most likely we’re all searching for a fool-proof system which just needs to be switched on in the morning and allows us spend the rest of the day (delete as appropriate) playing golf/looking up old friends on Facebook/surfing the net (is that term still in use?) for something you shouldn’t be surfing for! To save you the time in reading this article in its entirety, I will tell you now that you shouldn’t expect a definitive ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to this statement, backed up with irrefutable ‘Hahvad’ PhD econometric and heteroscedasticity (beat that!) analysis. But, if you’d like a few thoughts from someone who has traded the markets for the last 30 years, read on!!

The Art Of Stock Picking, According To Buffet’s Guy

In 2008, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner at Berkshire Hathaway, released an article on the art of Stock Picking. It’s 18 pages long, so for those with a low boredom threshold, I am going to summarize it here.

Free Stock Charts Allow You To Trade Based on Reason, Not Emotion

Trying to make sense of the financial markets as an investor is difficult without having the right tools directly within reach. It goes without saying that without the right tools, you’re merely trading on emotion rather than reason. Sure, there are times where an investment might feel like a sure thing.

It’s Not Too Late To Invest In Stocks

Everyone is taking notice of the stock market as its hits new highs and they want to know if this is a good time to come back in. They worry that the market is now too high and are afraid that another 2008 is right around the corner.

7 Major Factors Why Traders Fail

We see the global markets moving up and down; when China sneezes the world catches a cold, and people losing a lot of money, although there are some very smart traders making a lot of money. I thought that you should take a breather, not too long, and see where you failed or could have done better.

How To Invest Money In the Stock Market – Investing Small Amounts To Make Big Returns

According to Warren Buffett “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient” which means that if you are patient, and you have bought stock in solid companies, the money will come. People trading on the stock market feel compelled to constantly buy & sell stocks, often with an overall nett loss. Therefore do not fall into this trap as patience will provide you with good returns.

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