The Bitcoin Credit Card Is A Disaster…

How Does the Stock Market Work?

A stock market is often described as a collection of buyers and sellers who deal in stocks and shares or other securities that may be listed on the stock exchange. These buyers and sellers may also trade these securities privately as well. Understanding the workings of a stock market is not easy and this is the reason many end up losing money instead of making profits.

Smart Money Is Not Really Smarter, Just Better Informed

The term “Smart Money” is bantered about as if it were a title due respect, however a more accurate term would be “Better Informed.” Although the average investors and retail traders want to believe they are thoroughly informed and have extensive knowledge about trading or investing due to the years they have been active in the market, one huge factor stifles their profitability.

Financial Services Risk Management Spurs Cloud Technology Growth

The Financial Markets are known to be the earliest adopters of new technology and often it is the Financial Services Industry that determines which companies will be the dominant leaders in new technology, especially in areas of greatest concern and importance. The Financial Markets’ influence often foretells which companies will be the next big blue chip or next big stock with stellar growth.

Even In New York, Fair Is Not Always Equal

If you aren’t a high-speed trader, why would you want or expect to be treated like one? Treating people differently, especially if those people are doing different things, is not automatically a sign of wrongdoing.

Relational Analysis

Relational Analysis has three components of which Risk Analysis is one of the most important. Trends can and do go further than technical patterns indicate, and that is when it is important to incorporate Relational Analysis to insure the complete analysis necessary to determine the duration of the trend. It is insufficient just to use Technical Analysis.

Why I Only Follow Those Who Have Skin In The Game

I’ve always focused my attention on the real-money players, the institutions and hedge funds who make (or lose) fortunes from executing their trading ideas. For me, nothing gives an investor more information on the future direction of a stock than watching unusual options activity.

What Every Investor Should Know About Options!

Often times, I feel like I’m living through an episode of MythBusters. Let me give you a quick overview if you’ve never seen this popular show that’s on the Discovery Channel. The show circulates around a group of guys and gals who run elaborate tests (based on science) to prove if long standing rumors, old wives tales, unbelievable stories and myths are true or not.

Why You Should Avoid Trading Options All Together

Did you know the guys who created the stock option pricing formula (known as the Black-Scholes-Merton model) started a hedge fund (Long Term Capital Management) and lost so much money that they had to get bailed out by the Federal Reserve Bank? True Story…

The Important Aspects About Documentation and Takeaways for Australian Financial Services Licensees

Australian financial services licensees have to be followed some sort of documentation and appropriate elements which lead them for providing better financial services to clients. They have got some obligations to remember always.

Change in Market Structure Creates New Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Charts are the first area of the stock chart that have shown major changes in patterns in the past few years. Some patterns rarely form, while others have become less reliable and inconsistent. New entry and exit signals have emerged that are not mentioned in the traditional Japanese candlestick books because they never formed until a few years ago. As more and more institutions use different buy and sell orders developed exclusively for the professional side, and retail traders should be learning what this means for candlestick patterns.

How to Optimize Your Money on the Stock Market

You may think that stocks are a complicated subject, but essentially a stock represents a chunk of a company. Owning a stock means that you own part of a company with a claim to it. However few the stocks are, it is an asset and can be cashed on.

Stock Trading – An Introduction for the Beginners

The advent of online trading has made stock trading more accessible to the public, implying that anyone with a stout heart can take part. There’s a lot to be learnt in this trade, certainly more than can be captured here, but this should not be at all discouraging. There are some basics that you need to learn though before you can even begin.

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