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529 Plan Investing For High Net Worth Investors

Section 529 plans have grown into one of the most common ways to save for college. While the decision to establish a 529 plan account is often simple, managing the assets over time can be much more complicated. High net worth individuals with the means to pay full tuition regardless of the market environment will have different decisions to consider about the account’s asset allocation and the optimal changes to that allocation over time.

UK Housing Sector Offers a Variety of Opportunities for Investors

With the 2008 property bubble burst sufficiently in the past, the demand for housing – particularly rental – provides new means to grow income and assets. There is increasing interest on the part of investors in housing in the UK. This is evident in statements from a multi-asset manager at Henderson Global Investors to a personal finance columnist at The Telegraph.

How Environmental Issues, Zoning and Planning Affect Land Value

The Localism Act 2011 reset the rules for land investing. Concerns for local control in planning, zoning and environmental matters can be an opportunity.

How to Avoid the Problems of Investment Property

The lure to invest in UK real estate grows as the country’s population increase fuels a housing shortage. But property investments are tricky and quiet varied.

To What Degree Is UK Housing Affected by Land Use Expansion?

The UK’s greenbelt policies hugely affect land planning. But the experiences of other countries show flexibility can favourably impact home affordability.

Track Your Strategic Land Investment Growth

Alternative investments such as land can yield better-than-the-market returns. Investors can also track the investment’s progress over time.

Key Variables in Real Assets That Create Volatility

Real assets including real estate are popular alternative investments. Raw land stands out among them because it is characterized by low price volatility.

Three Challenges With Real Asset Investments – And How to Work Around Them

Illiquidity, a lack of expertise and the unknown dynamics of the marketplace all affect the growth of real assets. Smart investors know how to minimize their exposure.

Does a JV Investor Need An Attorney at the Outset of An Investment?

The popularity of joint ventures for land has soared with the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000. But other types of partnerships might be considered.

Homebuilding and Land Site Investment Are Separate Entities in the UK

Historically, homebuilders bought land, achieved zoning changes, constructed houses, then sold them. But land site developers change the equation – and reduce risk.

Can Value Growth Potential Still Be Found in UK South East Raw Land?

Real estate values in London and the South East have proven to be more resilient in the recession. But does that mean raw land investment opportunities still exist?

Before Buying Raw Land for Development in the UK, What Due Diligence Is Advisable?

With a press for new homes in the UK, investors are looking at raw land for development. The acquisition phase should include a thorough due diligence.

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