The 5 BEST Credit Cards For Beginners In 2022

3 Keys to Setting Up Relative Strength Investing

Configuring a relative strength investment strategy to produce profitable investment results requires more than simply picking a method and plugging in typical, common settings. Only after knowing what your objectives are and what type of investments you want to make, can you then test to find the settings that will work best for you.

How Institutional Investors May Avoid Due Diligence Pitfalls in China

In the reverse merger examples or Caterpillar’s fumbled acquisition in China, the ultimate problem lies in the lack of quality due diligence. Standard due diligence, including validation of documents, materials and interviews of the management team, has proven far from sufficient in a market like China’s. This article points out the fundamental differences in these practices so that investors may understand not only the problems, but also the causes behind them.

Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Portugal?

Despite the current financial crisis, foreign direct investment in Portugal keeps growing. The worst of the crisis is now over, but prices remain at an all time low and this is attracting investors from all over the world, eager to snap property and businesses at bargain prices.

Investing in Portugal: The Most Promising Sectors

In view of the current downturn in domestic consumption due to the financial crisis, the most promising sectors in Portugal are those that have established export markets or else have domestic customers whose revenues originate mainly from abroad. Having said that, real estate and financial services go on attracting significant investment, due mainly to the opportunities afforded by the currently depressed prices.

How to Obtain EU-Resident Status for an Investment of Just EUR 0.5m in a House in Portugal

A non-EU resident may find it hard to obtain a resident visa in the EU and thus enjoy free circulation in the 26 European countries that are members of the so-called Schengen Space. By making an investment of at least EUR 0.5m in Portuguese property or of at least EUR 1m in a Portuguese business (less if the business leads to the creation of at least 10 jobs), the investor may obtain a Portuguese resident visa for him and his immediate family and keep this status by spending a mere couple of weeks per year in the country (only one week in the first year), not necessarily on consecutive days. Coupled with this, the investor may also apply for the “non-habitual resident” status, a tax-resident status that may allow him/her to enjoy virtually tax-free living for at least 10 years.

Impartial Review of the Monsanto Bill

This week we take a look at the legislative process that allowed a rider, written in part by a former Monsanto employee to be attached and passed without much fanfare until after the fact. Then, we’ll end with why the President is ok with not labeling genetically modified foods in the first place.

The Norwegian Oil Fund Surges, Investors Should Take Note

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, one of the world’s biggest investors and the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund grew by $100 billion in 2012, making 2012 its second-best year on record. The fund rose in value by 13.4% last year. It is now worth circa $710 billion, which is 40% more than the value of the entire Norwegian economy. Known as the ‘oil fund’, it invests revenue from Norway’s lucrative oil industry for the country’s future. Stocks returned 18.1%, while its bond investments climbed 6.7%. Real estate investments returned 5.8%. While the performance reflected the development in the global markets, US and global investors can take a lesson from the fund’s well-executed shift in investment strategy.

Oil and Gas Venture Capital

Oil and gas venture capital can be used to invest directly well exploration and development. If you have ever thought about investing in oil or gas wells but were never sure how to go about it, here is some valuable information.

3 Ways to Invest Safely Today

Safe investing today revolves around three key principles. If you follow these principles your long term investment future will also be quite profitable. Couple these principles with consistency and your will have a winning investment portfolio.

Investors Should Take a Long View on Rare Earth Metals

Since China announced a cut in its export quota for Rare Earth Metals in 2012, there has been considerable activity across the world in finding alternative supplies. Rare Earth Metals are important in the manufacture of many consumer electronics, such as mobile phones and PCs, and in green technology items, such as solar panels, wind turbines and electric or hybrid vehicles as well as for the defence and aircraft industries. China’s action as the world’s main supplier prompted concern about security of supplies and about protecting industries in many developed economies already struggling with the consequences of the…

Investing 101: A Beginners’ Guide to Investing Safely

What is an investment? Why do some people find investing easy while you find it a bit complicated? How do investors come up with money to invest? These are just some of the common questions people ask when they start venturing into investments. How easy or difficult is investing anyway? Let’s find out.

10 Market Estimates For 2013

Attempting to forecast the direction of shares, currencies and interest rates is very difficult to do, especially with any accuracy or consistency. However, foretelling the future is a useful exercise for investment advisers and strategists, to create discussion and encourage some debate and thought. This article gives ten predictions on how the market will perform in 2013 and what sort of themes should investors be thinking about?

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