Taking a break from stocks

How to Do Forex Trading Online

Forex trading can prove to be a great source of investment for individuals who know the ins and outs of this trade. Forex trading involves trading foreign currency in the markets. Those who are vigilant about the changes occurring in the marketplace and can predict the market reaction can make more money without adding much to their initial investment.

Don’t Trade Earnings Before You Read This

Four times a year, Alcoa kicks off “earnings season”. Many investors and short term traders love earnings season because the increased volatility and for them, volatility creates opportunities.

Not All Covered Call Strategies Are Created Equal

Did you know that the same portfolio which you constructed for growth, can also be used to create monthly income? Yes its possible, with the use of covered calls options strategy. What is a covered call options strategy?

Watch Out Investors: Are World Financial Markets Safer Now? When Is the Next Stock Market Collapse?

The world now is like a small village. What happens in China, which is the second super economic power, will definitely affect the rest of the world.

Long Term Vs Short Term Trading, Find Out Which Way to Go

There are two different types of investing strategies that people trade with. Each one has its own characteristics and is meant to meet the need of the trader/investor. Each of these strategies has their own advantages and disadvantages. One is not wrong and the other right. But knowing which one is for you is knowing right from wrong. Whenever there is an investment, there is an expectation, a time expectation and a reward expectation. But also, a risk-tolerance, which should be carefully measured beforehand.

Why You Should Invest in Tesla Stock

This article explains why you should invest in Tesla stock. Not only can you make money but you will be able to brag about how you bought stock in Tesla Motors when it was new and small and you helped the planet to become more green.

How to Find the Best Online Forex Brokers

When looking for Forex brokers online, there are a few things which should be kept in mind. One should always look for online Forex brokers that have a good reputation and are known to be credible. In fact, being credible is one of the most sought after attributes for any trader dealing in the financial markets. It is not wise to leave a stranger responsible for personal investments or handling of money. The person selected for this must be known for his or her transparency of actions. When looking for an online broker, it is important to look for one who has been working for several years.

Shareholder Supremacy in the Stock Market

The numbers of independent investors are dwindling, as well as the declining percentage of shares held by the individual investor. One must wonder just how much any of the current chatter about Dark Pools, High Frequency Traders, and Exchanges really affects the average investor, and how much of the commentaries are simply fodder for lobbyists attempting to influence Congress for their particular group.

Technical Traders Vs Fundamental Traders

All traders need to consider if they are just doing trading for fun, as a hobby, OR If they are truly serious about becoming consistently successful and making money from stocks or other trading instruments. If you want to be a member of the professional or semi-professional traders who earn high income, then start with your charting software. Incorporate as much of the 4 analytics as possible in your charts.

How to Invest in the Stock Market

Despite the fact that making money in equities is not an easy task, there are countless investors who find themselves at the stock market due to the money making opportunities it offers. However, when it comes to making real money from the stock market, there are no shortcuts and one has to show patience, acumen and discipline. This article will help people understand how they can benefit from investing in the stock market despite the volatility of the stock market. When choosing to invest in the stock market, do not just blindly follow what others are doing.

Learn Stock Market Basics

The stock market is also referred to as the equity market. The existence of a stock market is vital as it allows companies access to money or capital against the shares that investors buy. The main aim of stock markets is to link and facilitate exchange of securities to reduce the risk of investing. The exchange of securities takes place among buyers and sellers of the shares. The market where the securities are created through the IPO is referred to as the Primary market. On the other hand the market where previously issued securities are traded is referred to as the secondary market.

The Market’s Psychology

Many forms of stock analysis are mathematically-based. However, one of the most useful types is less technical.

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