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DTCC Says Dodd-Frank Provision on OTC Trading May Have Opposite Outcome

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation has said that Congress’ decision to increase OTC transparency regarding the Dodd-Frank Act would hinder efforts to establish a global swap data repository. The DTCC has stated that the deadline Dodd Frank provision requiring non U.S. regulators to comply with confidentiality and indemnification regulations under US law may be unworkable.

Fun, Educational and Risk-Free: Playing The Stock Exchange For Real, Without High Cash Investment!

We’ve all heard of the Stock Exchange, and we’ve all heard about stocks, shares, Forex and markets and the like. We all know there’s money to be made. And many of us would dearly love to join in and trade. But let’s face it, not many of us have the nerve to put our money where our hearts are. After all, it’s just too damn risky… isn’t it?

Stock Investing With Minimal Time And Reduced Risk

One method for finding ideal stock candidates is to start with a trusted site that will screen the data for you. Then a few checks on value and growth prospects is all that is required to make better investing decisions with minimal headaches.

The Origins of Stock Marketing

Stock trading also had humble beginnings. Did you know that it started off as a dirt road which crossed in front of Trinity Church in East Manhattan about 200 years ago? Yes, a dirt road! It didn’t even have a roof over it. No group of people were seen congregating under one roof trading money for share certificates.

Facebook The World

When will Facebook reach 1 billion users and when will Facebook reach 1 billion owners? They started nearing the one billion user mark already that means that Facebook is about to Facebook the world. With only 6.9 billion people in the world, Facebook has one out of every seven people as a user. What if they all become owners? What if you become an owner?

Who Is Pushing the Stock Market?

We turned bearish on the stock market rally near the end of August, as a result, we’ve missed out on the last leg of the rally from 1400 to 1450 in the S&P 500. The August highs presented us with a fundamental picture that was becoming increasingly bearish and combined with the European unrest, stepping aside seemed like the appropriate action. The primary analysis simply stated that the forward returns didn’t justify the added risk necessary to capture them.

Managing Employer Stock Positions

If your compensation at work includes stock in the company that employs you, you may end up with too much of a seemingly good thing. When investing, it is important to do what you can to prevent any future financial setback for your employer from unraveling your entire financial safety net.

Are the Company Profits Genuine or Fake?

Cooking up the books of accounts is almost as old as the books itself. The reasons may be many, but the fact remains that cooking up the books is not uncommon.Since our decision to invest in a particular stock depends a lot on the profitability of the company, it would be prudent to study the financial statements presented by the company very carefully.

What Is a Bond Yield Curve and How Do Investors Use Them?

The more advanced you become in stock and bond investing, the more familiar you’ll become with a thing called a bond yield curve. This graph is probably one of the only tools you might find that can aide in predicting market trends. Since interest rates are ultimately controlled by the Federal Reserve (FED), tracking the way that the FED adjusts these rates can really help your investing approach.

Books That Value Investors Like

Warren Buffet has been inspired by several books and amongst his favorites are Security Analysis, A guide to Intelligent Investor and The Wealth of Nations. These three books are renowned within the world of investment and offer sound advice on investment. The principles enshrined in these books are also reflected in the investment strategy adopted by famous value investors.

A Beginners Guide to Options Trading

What is options trading? How does it work? This guide will give you the answer to these questions.

Bonus Shares Are Just a Market Gimmick

Bonus Shares and Share Splits are very popular amongst the investors. But the big question is – do they really benefit the shareholder? Or is it just hype? Let us analyze the two to try and understand if they really add to the shareholder value.

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