Stop Using Banks

Fixed-Income Strategies In A Rising-Rate Era

It’s as true in investment planning as it is in physics: What goes up must come down. For fixed-income investors, though, the more pressing fact is that what has gone down must come up.

Robo-Advisors Help Investors Peek Behind the Curtain

In the new digital wealth management world, technology has empowered the individual investor, who can now choose between discount brokers, robo-advisors and/or human advisors. Robo-advisors provide automated portfolio management services – investment goals and risk screening, asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing – all with little or no human intervention.

Index Universal Life: A Product to Avoid?

Index Universal Life is cash value life insurance that uses interest crediting based upon an index, typically the S&P 500. This article reviews the pro and cons of such a policy.

Control the Investment Market

Do we have the ability to control the outcome of our investments? Or do we guess based on incomplete analysis? Can we stack the deck in our favor?

How to Invest in Bonds for Deflation Protection

Long term treasury bonds are the best asset class to hedge against deflation. Learn how to include them as part of a properly diversified portfolio.

A Quick Primer On Investment Banking

Investment banking is often mentioned in financial articles and on the news, but many people do not understand this industry. If you are confused by the concept, and would like a basic understanding of what investment banks are about, this article will clarify things for you.

Better Paying Jobs, Lower Cost Housing Mean Growth in the UK

The unaffordability of home ownership is tough on families. But if a major city lacks for affordable housing, it can also negatively impact overall development.

Family Loans for First-Time Homebuyers: What Are the UK Housing Implications?

To get on the property ladder, young Britons are going to “the bank of mum and dad.” What does this adaptive financial strategy mean for housing development?

Ways to Find a Conservative Investment Strategy

Corporate Finance activity has developed exponentially in the whole world. This has created a secure investing climate for overall investors due to increased revolution. On account of this, many businesses across industries are approaching global banks with the intention of raising capital.

How to Invest Safely and Generate Income for Life

Get introduced to an investment strategy that has earned over 8% per year compounded over the last 40 years. Simple, safe, less volatile and low cost to implement.

Why Women Should Invest

When you hear the term “investors”, the picture that probably appears in your mind is some well-suited up men (corporate style), or perhaps stocks and shares of a company, am I right? Well, today, “investor” is a concept that applies and is linked to women as well, and women are better at it, if you asked me (not just because I am one!)

Living and Dying on Averages

The use of averages is essential in financial planning. However, when we rely too heavily on averages, our planning can go awry. So how do we prevent the use of averages from destroying us? By allowing enough time and repetitions for the law of averages to come into effect.

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