How to Determine If a Multifamily Property Is a Good Investment

There are several ways that you measure how successful a specific multifamily property investment is likely to be. This article explores some important points.

Dodd-Frank Vs The Financial Industry

The financial industry is fighting the idea of lower profits due to changes in the business model thanks to Dodd-Frank. Normally, I would side in favor of less legislation and less government involvement. However, in this case, much of the legislation is necessary. Take a simplified look at some of the important aspects of this debate.

An Easy Way to Calculate Your Cost Basis

At a very fundamental level, the cost basis of an investment is the total amount invested into the company plus commissions and other costs involved in the purchase. It is used to calculate capital gains when stocks are sold and is of prime importance for federal income taxation purposes. Cost basis calculation can be most complicated, however, due to the many adjustments for stock splits, mergers, dividends and capital distribution changes that occur in the financial markets.

3 Steps to Diversification

Here are three ideas for diversification and allocation of your portfolio for safe investing. These concepts may differ with conventional wisdom but actually are more fitting for meeting personal goals and objectives.

Traditional and Roth IRAs – Which Should You Pick

  After you check out your various investment accounts you would notice that you may need to buffer your portfolio in order to save it from market fluctuations. It would be wise to make a lot of changes based on the current trends as this would ensure that your investments remain safe and actually get you something. One of the best ways to get back in control is by taking charge of things that you’re already capable of controlling such as your investment costs and also making sure that you maximize all your tax advantaged options…

Figuring Out What to Do While Starting Out

When starting out a new business it is important to know what you are promoting. It is pretty silly to do something just because the Joneses are in the same boat. Find a niche and stick to it before having all egg on your face.

Investing in Africa’s Frontier Markets

With the Western Economy being adversely affected by the Global Financial Crisis, investors have turned to Africa’s Frontier Markets which are delineated to the developed markets. These offer significant opportunities to investors, as there is a great scope for investing in various sectors. This article looks at the opportunities as well as the risks the continent offers.

Covering Your Bases on College Planning

There is a plethora of options out there in regards to college education, so when it comes time to pick the best option for your loved one, it’s important to make sure all of your bases are covered. Unfortunately, many college plans today fail to deliver the anticipated results for a couple of reasons: volatility or change. Since there is very little certainty in life, it is crucial to use a flexible college-planning tool that allows you to adapt to changes, while still providing the intended benefits.

Why a $7.2 Billion Loss From the USPS This Year Is Not a Concern

Just recently, the Federal Reserve System announced that first-quarter losses from the United States Postal Service stood at 1.8 billion dollars. At this rate, the USPS is on track to cost American taxpayers over $7.2 billion by the end of the fourth quarter.

The Most Attractive Trait of Binary Options Trading

If people think that binary trading is different from other trades, they are not right; because, all kinds of trading have the same psychological attitude. Do not leave binary trading for its attitude, as this is a common attitude in all trades!

Time for Foreign Investments in Cyprus?

Due to the economic recession in most countries, every country is searching for foreign and local investors in order to help regenerate its economy and provide employment. Cyprus is one of these countries with numerous schemes to attract this category of large scale investors, but then what type of investment can a possible investor do in Cyprus in order to make his worth while?

Why Relative Strength Investing Wins in Turbulent Markets

Relative strength investing techniques can be profitable during all markets, especially when the markets are turbulent as in the past few years. The key is to use RS properly. While RS is the centerpiece, like a quarterback in a football game or a pitcher in baseball, the complete team is required to produce a winning investment strategy.

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