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What “Good Growth” Factors Make UK Cities Attractive to Development?

Jobs, income, health and housing are among the top priorities to UK residents. This is why businesses and workers are relocating to places other than London.

Investing and Buying in France

Aside from investing stocks, real estate investing in France is inevitably associated with the purchase of a home in which to live or to retire. Buying a home in France is worth the money and trouble but the decision to take the plunge can be very difficult and may be costly. It would be wise in a new country to rent a building from which the searcher may observe, analyze and decide on the future home to buy.

What Are Key Characteristics That Foster Sustainable UK City Growth?

Anyone looking to make money in real estate naturally looks for growth. Farmland and urban brownfields generally do not provide as good a return on investment as they might if the land is granted a change-of-use to residential or commercial zoning.

The Role of Strong Urban Infrastructure in Growing UK Cities

How important are good transport, housing and other infrastructure in cities’ growth prospects? What does this mean to developers and homebuilders?

Dumb Beta Picks on Smart Beta, Underperforms

Debated over whether it is fact, fiction, marketing or all of the above, “Smart Beta” had been a growing point of contention in the asset management industry recently. Our view, based more on the math than the marketing, is that these strategies are deserving of the attention and assets they are garnering, and advisers would be well served to consider them. The term “Smart Beta” refers to the gray area that strategies which aren’t quite active management, but aren’t quite indexing, occupy.

How Well Are UK Cities Planning for Growth?

Increasing the number of homes in the next quarter century is critical and a focus of the NPPF. But many local authorities have no plan as of yet.

How Many Empty Homes Are in England – And What Does This Tell Real Estate Developers?

For a variety of reasons, there are many unoccupied residences in the UK. This is deeply ironic, given the housing shortage, but offers insight for housing investors.

How Do Trends Toward Teleworking Affect Homebuilding in the UK?

Location formerly determined the value of most real estate. But technology now enables working from home, altering the need for homes to be near workplaces.

Gamma Gamma Hey!

One approach to asset allocation that can better position portfolios for increasing volatility is to increase convexity, or gamma. By instituting a barbell approach to asset allocation, portfolios will be positioned for increased payoffs from more extreme events without adjusting the delta, or first derivative effects of changes in the underlying. For example, what’s the difference between the following two portfolios?

Keeping an Eye on Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve and the monetary policy it pursues is always a matter of interest to investors. The level of intrigue has been particularly acute this year because of growing speculation that the Fed is likely to boost the Fed Funds rate, a short-term interest rate it controls directly, for the first time since 2006. This creates challenges for investors who may have pursued one investment strategy in a period of declining or stable rates.

Foreign Investment in Mombasa

A favorite and a major foreign investment destination especially in the real-estate market, Mombasa hosts substantial number of foreigners from Asia, Europe, United States and even from Australia. So, where in Mombasa do these expatriates or foreigners live? Mombasa has established its name as a cultural port town that has been able to withstand numerous invasions and occupations by foreigners from overseas countries.

Foreign Investment in Nairobi

Many expatriates and foreign investors set up camp in Nairobi due to the city’s advanced infrastructure and easy entry into and out of the country. In addition to strong rental yields and growing real-estate industry, Nairobi’s has it all: Chinatown, Little Mogadishu and even Nairobi’s very own Beverly Hills. As much as anybody, both local and foreign, can live anywhere, more often than not, foreign investors from the same region or country invest in one area of the city to be around other Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Somalis or Americans.

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