Robinhood Just Got Cancelled

Have You the Nerves for Stock Trading?

Stock Trading can be a great home based business. Many try but most give up quickly as it is not usually an overnight successful business. It can be though, if you devote some time and effort to master the right skills to succeed. It is preferable to gain knowledge from experienced traders as this type of home based business is rarely one you can learn yourself.

Simple Tips for Making a Killing in the Stock Market

Here’s a few good tips on making a killing on the stock market. Find out how the pro’s do it using simple software and exit strategies.

Option Rolling Strategies

Descriptions of various Option Rolling strategies that you can use under different market conditions.Discussions of Covered calls, and PUT spread strategies and the up and downs of both strategies.

October 2014 Surprise

So what happened in October 2014 of this year? The long waited 3 year 10% or greater correction finally happened. CNBC was calling for this for months and you could argue that CNBC caused this correction as this investing show talks down the market all the time.

The Profession of Option Trading

Description of the profession of Option Trading. Discussing my experiences over 15 years of trading and selling options.

Warnings Lights: To See or Not to See Volatility

The Fed’s policy of quantitative easing has artificially suppressed volatility and in doing so, prevented an important warning signal from informing investors. Worse, depressed volatility has essentially forced many active investors to take directional bets which further distorts the volatility signal. Investors should be aware that this important warning signal is not working right now and should manage equity allocations accordingly,

What Makes the Stock Market Crash?

One discusses the stock market crash by means of demonstrating to the public that the elites in the world are those controlling it. This is how it crashes multiple times, and very soon this can and will happen again.

How to Make Money Investing in Stocks in Any Market

I write this with one eye on 2015 and 2016; and the other focused on how to make money investing in stocks. And I remind myself that there are two market concepts that must be understood and considered in order to make money investing in stocks in any market. Nobody can always make money investing in stocks (also called equities), but those who outperform year after year do so by applying two basic concepts.

Investing in the Stock Market Pros / Cons

Many people tend to be weary about investing in the stock market because they do not really understand what it means. That is why before an individual puts their hard earned money into the stock market, they should get a better idea of what all the pros and cons are for this. After all, it is so important to be informed ahead of time.

2015 And Beyond: How to Make Money Investing in Stocks

If you think it’s easy to make money investing in stocks think twice about 2015 and beyond. Here I reveal the best kept secret of stock investing so you can make money investing and relax in the process. Anyone could make money investing in stocks from early 2009 to late 2014.

Investing In Volatile Times: Weathering Financial Storms

What better time to heed and remain disciplined to the lessons of successful investing than in the autumn of 2014. Handle the recent stock market volatility by thinking long term and understanding the “norm” for stock market corrections.

The Master Trader Part 2

A continuation of the previous article on master trader minds. There are a few other features that distinguish great traders from losing traders.

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