Quitting Real Estate – Selling Everything

Farming In Nigeria

Agriculture has long been neglected in Nigeria since the discovery of oil. However there a gradual re-awakening to the immense opportunities in this sector.

Should Land Investors Be Encouraged by the Rise in UK House Building?

The story on UK building, as told by statistics gathered by private and public organizations, is mixed. The best advice is to get good advice. There is a flurry of information regarding construction starts in the UK in 2013 – some of it encouraging, some perplexing. Making sense of it for real asset investing is the challenge of the day.

Prepare For a Market Correction

History tells us that over a long enough time span catastrophes are likely to occur. Fires, flooding, earthquakes – none can be prevented and all can be potentially devastating. While these events can’t always be avoided, we can prepare for them. Running practice fire drills enables us to act appropriately during misfortune while maintaining emergency food storage ensures we won’t starve when tragedy strikes. Just as physical calamity can turn lives upside down, financial upheaval can lead to an unrecoverable loss. Fortunately, we have the ability to prepare for financial uncertainty in the same way we prepare for other exposures. As the current bull market is now both the fourth longest in history (64 months) and the fourth largest (+192% gain), now would be a perfect time to ensure you are prepared for the next market pullback.

Corporate Investor Relations and Their Best Practices

Understanding Investor Relations – Investor Relation is a strategic management responsibility that enables effective communication between a company, the financial & investor community, and rest of the constituencies. This relationship ultimately contributes to the company achieving a fair amount of valuation. Accordingly, the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) becomes the inevitable communicators.

How to Lose $27,000!

Several months ago we received a phone call to give a second opinion on a situation that was truly horrifying to hear. Husband and wife, “we will call them Shaun and Jane” were first time investors and had decided to purchase an investment property. They were earning just over $92,000 of combined income with equity of $150,000, small super and small savings between the two. They were comfortably paying their mortgage off and early this year they decided to buy an investment property in Melbourne. They Google’d local investment property organisation and through them found list of properties. Finally they set their hearts on an apartment that they thought, will eventually sell to those city view loving buyers.

Weekly Options – How To Trade The New ‘Extended’ Weekly Options

Options can be a great tool for mitigating price risk of an asset such as a stock or a commodity future. Unfortunately, much of the time it seems as though options are misunderstood. In actuality they are not as complicated as they sound. In fact, they can be quite simple.

Planning Your Exit Strategy in a Land Investment

Timing is everything, particularly in how investments pay off. The investor in raw land needs to know when the asset will increase to its optimum sale price.

Investing in Rarities Such As Antiques, Art and Wine Follow Different Dynamics Over Land Development

Real assets including raw land, art, antiques, fine wine and antique cars are attractive to emerging wealth. But the factors affecting value growth of each are vastly different.

Learn to Differentiate Between Investment And Speculation

Do you know if you are investing in stock market or simply speculating? Do you take the pains to know about your stock before buying it? Are you looking to get-rich-quick by investing in stock markets? You need to know when an investment turns into speculation in order to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

Buying an Exclusive Luxury Designer Bag

How can buying an exclusive designer bag help you? Let us look at why you should spend a few thousand dollars on buying an exquisite handbag.

Exempt Market Products, Real Estate, or Subway Franchise? A Case Study

Educational article focusing on the choices faced by investors today, including real estate, franchising, and buying exempt market products. Franchise, Condos, Apartment Buildings, or Exempt Market Products: Which Would you Choose? Recently I had an extremely interesting conversation with an accredited investor living in Toronto. This gentleman owns a technology consulting business, is extremely intelligent and astute, and has achieved a level of success that affords freedom and choices. I love conversations with individuals who have carved their own path and taken the risk of starting a business. We can always learn something from true entrepreneurs.

Turns: To Everything There Is a Season

It’s not unusual for disconnects between fundamentals and asset values to occur, but it is unusual for them to persist as long as they have. Insights from the “Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe go a long way in explaining the reasons for the disconnect and also illuminate the path by which they will ultimately be resolved.

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