My Thoughts On The Millionaire Tax

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5 Qualities in a Successful Stock Trader – Learn From What Works

Being the top trader is like moving a train with a big locomotive. Before the other compartments of the train can move, we need to start the locomotive or the engine first. In this metaphor, the part that represents the locomotive would be our belief system.

Exploring Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can sometimes create millionaires on the fast track, but they are also regarded as risky, manipulative, and worthless. Read on to get an in depth explanation of why more people are trading penny stocks due to their potential.

Candlestick Patterns: 10 Things You Need to Know

Using candlesticks on stock charts will increase profits. It is important to recognize and identify new candlestick patterns caused by today’s market participants. A list of ten things you need to know about them, including details about today’s automated stock market.

8 Things To Know Before Investing In The Stock Market

The world is going through tough economic conditions. There is unemployment everywhere, inflation has skyrocketed over last five years and many people are just barely scraping through their lives even after having regular decent jobs. The returns on investments or ROIs on government bonds and bank deposits have plummeted to the ground. Many of us can no longer expect a secure future with the traditional modes of investments. We need other financial vehicles that will help us get our incomes appreciated at a healthy rate on a regular basis. The first option that jumps to mind is investing in the stock market.

Longer Term Hold Trading Styles for Beginners

When selecting a Trading Style you must know your risk tolerance, and be realistic about your trading capital base size and its limitations. Also consider how much time you will have to put into investing and trading.

Trading Goals for Beginners

Trading Goals are also known as Trading Plans, and they are specific things that you write down. You should have monthly goals if you are using profits for income. Overall I recommend quarterly goals, and in addition it is best to have a six month, one year, and five year goals. I have provided guidelines for what these should include.

How to Trade Penny Stocks – 3 Tips to Ensure You Don’t Lose Money

Most stock market traders know the value of penny stocks because they offer them a really good way of making money. If you are interested in making money quickly then you should know what are penny stocks and what are the common pitfalls associated with trading with them. These trade below $5 and are generally extremely volatile.

How to Trade Lower Priced Stocks

Invest in stocks coming out of a bottom formation instead of listening to the news for stock pick recommendations. These lower priced stocks can be found in scans when you learn to recognize the candlestick patterns that form bottoms.

Trading a Momentum Market Using Swing Trading Techniques

Indicators that expose Dark Pool buying by large lot investors are important to use, for early entry into stocks during momentum markets. It takes two things occurring simultaneously to create a momentum market which are advances in new technologies, and a rush of new monies into stocks.

The Essentials to Online Investing

Today’s technology has improved the world to be a much better place to live in. Telecommunications and the internet joined connections from every part of the world. It also provided online automation, especially in the world of finance. Software applications of different types improved productivity, namely Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, and Point-Of-Sales software.

Trading Coach – How To Avoid Frequent Trading Losses and Panic Selling

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