I just lost $2 million dollars

Best Stock Vs Best Stock Investment Strategy for 2014 and 2015

It’s the oldest question in the stock investing book: are you best off trying to find the best stock, or should you focus on finding the best stock investment strategy. And once again in 2014 and 2015, that’s the question of the day, and it amounts to timing vs. selection.

Tips That Will Help You When Investing In Stocks

Many people are generally confused when they consider investing in stocks and this is mainly due to lack of information. It is not hard to choose and purchase good stocks, but you need to do your homework and ensure that you take a disciplined approach. The last few years have seen many people being burned and this has heightened the fears, but you can avoid the stock buying pitfalls by following a few simple tips.

How Resistance, Whole Numbers, and All Time Highs Impact Price Action for Beginners

If a stock is at a true All Time High, then switch to whole numbers to determine resistance levels and point gain potential. Remember that stocks often move through the whole number or at least partially through it, and then can change to a retracement as the whole number resistance creates a profit taking mode.

How to Trade Stocks Profitably in 2014 Using Stock Charts

Most individual investors and traders do not realize that they have a huge advantage over the professional side of the market. This is due to the constraints, restrictions, rules, and regulations the professional side must comply with on an ongoing basis. It is also due to the fact that 80% of the professionals still do not use Technical Analysis. Stock Charts are the graphical representation of what the market participant groups who use fundamentals, understand about that stock and its company at that time.

5 Great Ways to Go Broke When Investing and Trading in the Stock Market

Do you want to go broke when investing or trading in the Stock Market? I bet most of you don’t! But if by some small chance you do want to lose big this article may be for you. For those that love sarcasm and want to learn a thing or two about making money in the Stock Market this may be for you also!

Three Reasons to Never Let Anyone Invest or Trade Your Own Money! Trust Me I Learned the Hard Way!

TRUE STORY There was this young guy about 8 years ago who had an old 401K account that had about 16K in it. No big deal. Compared to others and their 401Ks it was chump change.

Taking a Stock Account from $10K to $42 Million in 18 Months – Yep, It Is an Undeniably True Story

The Story of How a Man turned his trading account from 10K to $42 million in 18 months. Can you do this or even come close to a fraction of doing this? Find out in this thought provoking Article.

You Say There Is No Way to Make Big Profits With Swing Trading Stocks? I Say Baloney and See Why!

There is this myth that a person just cannot make money trading stocks in the Stock Market. Well, that is all there is to it, a myth! You can definitely make consistent profits with swing trading stocks, and I will show you exactly how, using my exact formula!

A Guy Came Up to Me and Said He Has a Better Chance Winning at the Lotto Than Trading Stocks. UH?

Swing Trading stocks is something most anyone can be profitable in with some work and time. If you want to play the Lotto. Then by all means go ahead and blow your money away on that. But if you want to make some real dollars then learn about Swing Trading in this article!

My Dad Told Me I Couldn’t Make a Damn Penny With Swing Trading – Well I Showed Him and See How!

You want to get into the Stock Market and make some profits? Some say you can’t make anything. But I will show from my first hand experience how you definitely can with Swing Trading

January 2014 Earnings Season – Sticker Shock to the Markets and Stocks

Well, we’ve all by now considered the economic predictions for 2014 both here at home in the US and abroad. We’ve heard the Euro Zone should be about 2-3% GDP growth and in the US continued growth ramp up to 4%. We’ve also heard that emerging markets are slowing down and China may show signs of robust growth tapering off a tad bit, even if the Communist Government denies anything by continued 8-10% year-over-year continued growth until hell freezes over and they have 500,000 people living in lunar colonies on the Moon.

Job Description of Share Brokers

The primary job of share brokers is obeying the orders of investors they are representing. They should also be able to build effective strategies for buying and selling their client’s shares.

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