How The Housing Crash Will Happen

Buy Side Institutions Shift of Sentiment Indicators

Shift of Sentiment indicators are extremely useful for all trading styles in revealing where the giant funds are buying, or when and where they are selling. These are NOT Price and Time based indicators. They are Quantity aka Volume and Time indicators.

Tips For When to Sell a Stock

Many investors buy a stock and don’t know when to sell it. This article will give you clear tips for when to sell a stock with a profit or to prevent a catastrophic loss.

Investing: How Not To Be A Pig

The familiar investment adage, “Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get Slaughtered” is explored. Learn how not to be a pig and avoid getting slaughtered.

What To Look For In An Investment Stock Trading Tool

Online trading tools can be a powerful tool for traders who know how to maximize their potential. Learn about the advantages of WPF charts and Silverlight charts in online trading.

7 Things You Need to Know About Buying Stocks Online Your Broker Won’t Tell You

These 7 things about buying stocks online are what your broker won’t tell you. Online brokers have made it easy for individual investors and traders to buy stocks, options, ETFs, futures, Forex, as well as other trading instruments. However most individual investors and traders do not know what they need to know, before they ever start buying a stock, option, or other trading instrument.

Thinking Outside of The Stock Box: An Alternative Perspective

The world of numbers and money is an inherently logical, black and white world. However, we live in an age where the days of black and white ruling effectively in the modern world are quickly fading. The world is shifting over to the once dreaded “gray area” and creativity and ingenuity are becoming to new black and white in many ways.

The Balance Between Buyers And Sellers Explained for Beginners

There are many Market Participants buying and selling at the same time in the stock market. For every stock purchase there is a seller, and for each buy there is a sell. The role of the Market Maker is to balance the buying and the selling.

The Ace of Trades – 7 Tips For Flips

“You get recessions, you have stock market declines. If you don’t understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the markets.” – Peter Lynch. Yes, history does repeat itself. Recessions and stock market declines will continue to disrupt global economies and investors in the foreseeable future. Remember the old adage… “what goes up, must come down.” Well, it’s a true fact that pertains not only to life but also investing. To help you overcome the cyclical and emotional nature of stock investing, I’ve decided to share with you 7 tips that have served me well over the past decade as a trader. Following these general guidelines will also help you become a successful stock investor – the ace of trades!

Trading Range vs Platform Patterns for Beginners

There are many types of sideways price action, and identifying each is critical for successful investing and trading. A Platform pattern in today’s market is often not correctly identified, and is mistaken as a Trading Range pattern causing the investor or trader to exit prematurely and miss out on profits from a break away gap.

7 Things To Know About Trading IPO’s

What makes a great IPO and what dooms other IPOs to failure? Why is WAGE a spectacular IPO from 2012? Why did the FB IPO fail? Using these companies as examples in a detailed list of how to invest or trade IPOs.

7 Things To Know About Candlestick Patterns for Beginners

There are many books, articles, newsletters, blogs, and charting programs that teach rudimentary forms of Candlestick Patterns. These are the original candlestick patterns that Steve Nisson wrote about in his early books on Japanese Candlesticks. However all of this information doesn’t tell you the many aspects of Candlestick Analysis and Candlestick Patterns that you need to know to be successful in trading and investing.

Stock Chart Risk Analysis for Beginners

Why is proper Stock Chart Risk Analysis is so important for retail traders and long term investors? Whenever a stock moves up strongly and continues to move up and up retail investors and traders may wait at first, but eventually the stock run “fever” will hit them like a flu virus and they will rush in and buy the stock without considering the true consequences of that action. At this point greed and fear of losing out on the get rich money of a running stock has obliterated their ability to make a good decision. All they see is that the stock has been running and running upward, and they are missing out on all that profit.

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