How Much I Make With 3 Million Subscribers

Tips to Become a Professional Binary Options Trader

Successful trading can be carried out when you have good knowledge about the trading secrets. This article provides knowledge about trading and how to trade in a professional manner. Article is for both new and experienced traders.

How to Choose the Right Charting Software for You

Whether you are an independent investor, mutual fund investor, position trader, swing trader, or options player one crucial tool you need to succeed in today’s institutional dominated marketplace is a good charting system. There are many charting software vendors including free internet based charting services, and many brokers now have basic charts as part of their online broker system. The plethora of charting software has occurred over the past decade because it is the only way that the retail investor and retail trader can see what is going on in the hidden professional side of the market, where giant funds trade on Alternative Trading System platforms that are not in the exchanges and where High Frequency Traders control the open of the market. Often investors and traders are losing money not because they aren’t capable, but because they are using inferior charting.

IPOs – A Monster Payday Is Coming Your Way

IPOs over the past year have been nothing short of amazing. We’re looking at another banner year coming. Let me show you the ips and techniques you need to make a monster payday.

When Shopping for Stocks This Year

This article tells the readers about the top performing industries and companies in the US stock markets in 2013. It also suggests which stocks to invest in when stock markets resume trading in 2014.

Why Apple Will Perform Well in 2014

As an Apple follower and investor, I have always enjoyed following Apple’s latest rumors to find out what products they will be releasing in the upcoming months, in order to see if Apple’s innovative culture is still there and if the company is heading in the right direction. In recent months, there have been a lot of rumors about Apple’s new product releases in 2014 as well as its deal with China Mobile, the largest telecommunication company in China with over 740 million subscribers.

Why Stimulus Tapering Is Good for Equity Investors

The U.S. Federal Reserve finally decided to taper its latest quantitative easing stimulus program (QE3) in January 2014 by reducing its bond purchase program to $75 billion per month, down from $85 billion per month that started in September 2012.

What Are the Duties of a Stock Broker?

The main duty of a stock broker is selling and buying shares on his client’s behalf. In addition, these professionals also need to draft investment strategies for their clients and manage their portfolios.

Trading and Investing As a Process

When traders learn a complete trading and investing process rather than random strategies, gimmicks, or relying on news their consistent profitable trades rise significantly. They begin to enjoy confidence in their ability to trade and invest in all Market Conditions.

The Impact of Becoming a Component of an Index

Although most companies want to be listed on the S&P500 as a component because it gives the firm huge status and exposure, becoming a component stock in one of the top 5 indexes is not necessarily a good thing for the stock price. Prior to being a component the stock is evaluated for its company’s financials, growth potential, and technical patterns. After it becomes a component stock, the technical patterns tend to alter more than before. The problem is that Buy Side Giant Institutions which control huge quantities of big name stocks begin rotating out of the stock.

The Most Important Stock Indicator

Volume bars are often the least used and least understood of the 5 essential indicators for optimal consistent success trading stocks. Volume leads price in most instances in our modern markets, and that leading quality is what makes volume so important to all types of trading.

Introduction To Stock Chart Types

Learn more about stock chart types and how it is applicable as an online trading tool. Read the article to know about the types and differences of each chart.

How To Trade A Penny Stock

Penny Stocks can be traded much in the same way as a normal stock would – you find a company you may want to invest in, do some research, look up their quote then buy the stock. Ideally, you want to sell when the stock rises at some point, so you can profit. But there are a few differences that you should be aware of. Let’s explore them.

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