The Solar Share Price Eclipse

A new energy paradigm appears to be emerging. Solar stocks have significantly outperformed their oil and gas counterparts in share performance over the past two years. Perhaps this isn’t turning out to be a shale revolution so much as a solar eclipse.

How Dollar Currency Rates Affect The Prices Of Agricultural Machinery

It’s a staggering and perhaps even slightly concerning fact that over 90% of the agricultural equipment used ‘down under’ is manufactured overseas. However, the purpose of this brief article is not to talk about the status of our manufacturing industries but rather more to deal with the occasional misconceptions about how Dollar exchange rates affect the cost of new agricultural machinery.

A Tale of Two Alphas: Investment Selection Vs Opportunistic

Alpha benefits all investors. Reallocating some of the focus from investment selection alpha to opportunistic alpha could have significant, positive impacts on portfolios.

Choosing the Benefits of Binary Options Trading

When people are thinking about trading any type of options, they want to find what is going to give them the best return. Binary options trading is not going to cost them anymore than what they originally invest. There are other types of options that could cost them more.

Market Forecasting – It Really Works!

Just like most traders, I started out trading Stocks, Futures and Commodities by way of the news, Government reports, crop reports, the occasional tip, and a gut feel. Needless to say, these were not very effective. But then I started to discover various methods that made me a believer of market forecasting.

Invest In Main Street: The Steady and Secure Portfolio

Stop pouring all your hard-earned cash into Wall Street and consider diversifying into Main Street, meaning private investments where you can deal directly with the owner of the organization you are investing in. If you are aiming for a truly diversified, steady and secure portfolio, consider private investments.

Dollar Cost Averaging for the Fully Invested

Intra-portfolio dollar cost averaging is the only way a fully invested portfolio can earn more than the sum of its parts… Adding to our previous discussion around the benefits that volatility generates for dollar cost averaging strategies, we now consider whether those benefits can be exploited by the fully invested. Again, the excess returns come from the fact that DCA exploits the “buy more low” and “buy less high” aspect of fixed-dollar investments, and are enhanced by additional volatility.

Neglected Home Investment

Neglected homes offer potential investor a unique opportunity to purchase homes at a discount. However in many cases these homes were left in a mess by previous occupant. That is why it is advisable to hire a specialized neglected home cleanup company. They can handle the hazards and cleaning of a property to make it livable again.

Investment Advice You Need to Know

It is the desire of everyone to identify a good investment. Good advice can contribute significantly towards achieving this desired goal.

The Worst Goal You Can Make: A Lesson From a Professional Investor

This article details Kevin s start in real estate investing. It speaks to the importance of goal setting, especially having the right goals.

Halal Investment Options for Muslims in Canada

I’ve always been a huge advocate of avoiding Riba (Interest), either earning or paying. There are definite financial, social and religious reasons for this and we, as Muslims, are aware of them. There has always been a concern among the Muslim community in Canada of where they should put their extra money in terms of Savings or Investments, earn money from that or at least hedge against the Inflation and other factors.

Why Investing in Long-Term Wood Plantations Is a Good Idea

Did you know the best ships and boats in the world use a type of wood called “Teca” for the floor construction? Did you know millionaires buy “Teca” to make their home furniture and their house floors? “Teca” is a type of wood that is planted in tropical weather. Therefore, investing in “Teca”, is a great option for the future.

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