Binary Options Trading As an Investment Vehicle

It is human nature to try to make the most of our assets, including our financial assets. Apart from those people who have no ambition and throw away their money, the majority look for ways to increase the amount they have. We will look at binary options as a viable form of investment of your assets.

Introduction To The Stock Market

What is the stock market? What different types of stocks are there?

Introduction to Binary Options

Binary options is a new way of trading in the market. It is not the same as contemporary trading but it does allow individuals who are well informed about the market to make quick money. Learn more about binary options here.

Several Valuable Online Stock Trading Tips For Inexperienced Traders

Choose a good broker and trading platform. The brokerage you work with will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Watching the CNBC Channel for Stock Market Information

Watching the CNBC and other financial channels is a great way to get valuable information to use in your trading decisions. Learn how to do it right here.

Stock Market 2015-2016: Best Investment Opportunities

Is it always possible to make money in the stock market, and where are the best investment opportunities for 2015 and 2016? Let’s take a look.

The Newbie Investor and the Stock Market Challenge

A brief for newcomer stock investors. Find out how not to lose your shirt in 2015 – 2016.

Option Trading – Generating Income and Growing Your Account

A summary of the incoming generating strategies in option trading as opposed to growing your brokerage account. The challenges of making money with option trading in the year 2014.

Option Trading and Record Keeping

Some ideas about option trading and keeping very accurate records of your trading. The point is how can you really know how you’re doing in the complex world of option trading if you don’t record and analyze every trade?

Option and Stock Trading and Watching CNBC

A summation of what it’s like to watch CNBC all day while stock and option trading. The ups and downs of watching a financial television program.

Stock Market and Oil and Gas Swan Dive – 2014

Discussion of the Oil and Gas dive starting in late November. Surprised that the dive overall has not been considered good for the market so far.

The New Investor Vs Stock Market 2015-2016

I write this as a “heads up” to the new investor, especially those who intend to start investing money in the stock market in 2015 or 2016. We’re all a new investor sometime and all subject to the same misconceptions, illusions and mistakes when we start investing money in the stock market. Here’s a simple guide to investing money as the market unfolds in 2015 and 2016.

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